20 Jun

Stairway to Paradise, The Prequel

     Now that my first novel is available in eBook and paperback formats from many book retailers, what’s next? Possibly a hardcover edition of Under the Purple Sky, with bigger and more colorful illustrations.  

    Next, Stairway to Paradise, is another coming-of-age epic story in the works, a prequel to the first book, Under the Purple Sky. Our favorite character, a younger Daleah Inara Joyce, visits the Academy and develops a closer relationship with her ancestress Shanielle and other Elders. The book is already half completed. I began them as short stories about five years ago while the fictional universe of the Oracles of Zion was still in the development stage. I rewrote some of it, around the same time as the first novel. 

Under the Halo, The Sequel

    Those of you who are wondering about the sequel to Under the Purple Sky—it is just beginning with an outline of ideas for Daleah and Haro’s next adventures. 

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