29 Nov

Last year, my book came out fresh out of the press when summer was ending. Now the school year is ending, summer is coming, it's a time to catch up on the books you've been meaning to read. If you enjoyed my book, Under the Purple Sky, please share it with family and friends, and especially with teens and young adults. Paperback and ebook formats are available to purchase online on Amazon (paperback only), Apple (eBook only), Barnes & Noble, BooksAMillion, Walmart, Target, Google Play, and over 50 smaller retailers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. I am also excited to announce the positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! If you have read the book, I hope you will consider rating it (from 1 to 5 stars) or writing a short review. Sales have been slow and reviews are always helpful.

If you haven't yet read my book, bring it with you wherever you go to relax. Or pack the book in a suitcase for that long awaited vacation. Relax with the book on the beach while tanning under the sun. Everyone deserves a good dose of Vitamin D after being cooped up indoors most of the year.

Here are the links for the book reviews. No purchase necessary to write a book review on Goodreads. Most online book retailers have linked the reviews to the Goodreads site:


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