LAST YEAR'S CALENDAR. STILL GOOD FOR DEVOTIONAL READING AND FRAMING OF THE ARTWORK! Messianic Biblical & Jewish Calendar. Limited stock until October. Based on the Gregorian and Jewish calendar systems, from September 2021 to August 2022, Jewish year: 5782. All Biblical holy days and civil holidays in shaded boxes. Inspiring cover art, 28 pages, size 11 inches X 8.5 inches, stapled. Cover art shows the two hands sign of the Hebrew letter ש Shin, also called the "Raising of the Hands" or the Dukhanen, which is traditionally done during the Aaronic blessing at the end of a Shabbat service. Inside are twelve images, each suitable for framing later: illustrations and paintings of Judaica motifs and Hebrew alphabet letters, each supplemented with a Messianic devotional column. No hole punch, but can be hanged with a paper clip. (see photo) Created by author/artist V. C. Cheney. A publication of Signs & Wonders Books.