MESSIANIC YESHIVA INSTITUTE OF THE DEAF MYID's most important course, a prerequisite for all other courses. His Story, from the beginning of all things until the Israelites enter the promised land.   The first five books of the Bible, from Genesis 1 to Deuteronomy 34.

Introduction to Torah & Hermeneutics

What is Torah? How do we study it?

Parashah 1: Bereshet

Genesis chapters 1-6. The story of the beginning. The fall of men. The pre-flood world.

Parashah 2: Noach

Genesis chapters 6-11. The story of Noah and his generation.

Parashah 13: Shemot

Chapters 1-6. Childhood of Moshe until his meeting with the burning bush. Includes quiz on last page.

Parashah 14: Va'era

Chapters 6-9. YHVH appears to Moshe. He and Aaron goes before Pharaoh to request that he let the people go.


Chapter 10. YHVH tells Moshe to go to Pharaoh, whose heart he has made stubborn and hard, so he can demonstrate the signs and wonders among the people.

Parashah 34

The numbering of the Israelite males.