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Parashah 30: Kedoshim

YHVH begins this portion by declaring that we should be holy, as He himself is holy.

Parashah 29: Acharei Mot

The law regarding sexual immorality and shadows of Messiah in the two goats for the Day of Atonement.

Parashah 28: Metzora

The law of purification regarding for the infected one. Be surprised to learn what really causes skin diseases. (Tzarat is often mistranslated as leprosy) and find shadows of Messiah in the offering of the two doves.

Parashah 27: Tazria

The law of purification regarding childbirth and leprosy. Be surprised to learn how they can apply to your own life.

Parashah 26: Shemini

The laws of clean and unclean animals.

Parashah 25: Tzav

We continue more about the five kind of offerings plus the consecrations of the priests.

Parashah 24: Vayikra

We begin Leviticus with YHVH calling Moshe from the New Tabernacle where His presence has just settled. YHVH gave instructions for the five kind of offerings.

Parashah 13: Shemot

Chapters 1-6. Childhood of Moshe until his meeting with the burning bush. Includes quiz on last page.

Parashah 14: Va'era

Chapters 6-9. YHVH appears to Moshe. He and Aaron goes before Pharaoh to request that he let the people go.

Parashah 15: Bo

Chapters 10-13. After the last plagues, the people get ready to observe the festival of Pesach for the first time in their lives.

Parashah 16: Beshalach

Chapters 13 - 17. Pharaoh finally let the people go and the Israelites leave Egypt after their first Passover. The Israelites cross the Sea of Reed. The Egyptians pursues them and are drowned in the sea.

Parashah 17: Jethro

Chapters 18-20. The wedding covenant on Mt Sinai between YHVH and the Israelites.

Parashah 18: Mishpatim

Chapters 21-23. The laws and ordinances given to the children of Israel as a marriage covenant between YHVH and Israel.

Parashah 19: Temurah

Chapters 25-27. More of YHVH's instructions to Israel for the building of the Tabernacle.

Parashah 20: Tetzaveh

Chapters 27-30. More instructions of the oil for the Menorah, the priestly garments, and the altar of incense. What are their spiritual significance?

Parashah 21: Ki Tisah

Chapters 30--34. More instructions re: the Tabernacle, Moshe goes up to Mount Sinai to intercede for the sin of Israel after they worshipped the golden calf.

Parashah 22 Vayakhel

Chapters 35-38. The people bring the offerings from the heart and Betzaleel builds the ark of the covenant.

Parashah 23 Pekudai

Chapters 38-40. The Tabernacle is erected and the glory of YHVH fills it. The book of Exodus ends here.

Introduction to Torah & Hermeneutics

What is Torah? How do we study it?

Parashah 1: Bereshet

Genesis chapters 1-6. The story of the beginning. The fall of men. The pre-flood world.

Parashah 34

The numbering of the Israelite males.

Parashah 44: Devarim

The beginning of the book of Deuterenomy, which in Hebrew is Devarim, meaning the second law, or "words." Compared to the first four books of the Torah, the fifth and last book is written by Moshe himself.