12 Aug

My new eBook is DRM-free! What exactly is Digital Rights Management? DRM is all about imposing restrictions that limit what you can do with digital media. For example, if you buy a DRM (restricted) eBook from Amazon, you will not be able to read that eBook on another e-Reader app or device that is supported by a different retailer like Apple, for example. The same issue applies when buying an eBook from Apple that won’t work on a Kindle Fire. DRM eBooks are difficult to convert to a different format. In the United States and other countries, there is a law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA that makes it illegal to bypass a copy protection system like DRM.  Here are five good reasons to buy DRM-free eBooks:

1.  A DRM-free book will allow you to convert an eBook format such as MOBI or AZW (from Kindle) to EPUB to read on any devices or e-reader apps, or vice versa.  EPUB is a free open-sourced format. 

2.  Contrary to the popular opinion expressed by the big eBook retailers, DRM protection does NOT protect the author against piracy.  

3.  You can back up and keep a DRM-free eBook for a long time. Be aware that new e-readers will no longer download eBooks to tablets or devices but will keep them in cloud storage. Considering this, DRM-free eBooks have become even more necessary. If you "buy" an eBook, you have the right to keep it! Unfortunately, a DRM eBook is the property of the retailer, not the buyer. 

4. Restricted DRM eBooks allow retailers to conduct surveillance over people's media viewing habits. Buy DRM-free eBooks to protect your privacy.

5. By buying a DRM-free eBook, you are also supporting independent authors and publishers. If you are an author, I encourage you to make your book DRM free. Contact your retailers and ask them to make the change to DRM-free. 

For more information, here's link: What is DRM?

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